Advantages of Using Software for Gas & Oilfield Trucking

Oilfield software and Field Ticket Software has become a crucial part of every business that is associated with transportation. Business is on a constant rise in the oil and gas sector resulting in a cutthroat competition. The business which could provide a better service, rig movers, water, gravel hauling, and vacuum trucks is guaranteed to succeed. Tailoring your business with good Oilfield software will give you an edge in this competitive market.

The traditional paper-based approach is the source of many errors. The trucking owners had to spend hours on the phone trying to locate where the drivers were. But with the use of software they can immediately locate the drivers and how close are they to the site.

In the past, the owners also struggled with their field ticketing system. There was always a challenge to identify which ticket was opened closed or cancel was a very great challenge. Thankfully, the Field ticket software handles all the complexities. The owners can electronically manage field tickets and work orders to track the status of the job easily. By using effective software all the process are streamlined any repercussions can be handled in real time.

Duplicate data entry was also a major challenge in the manual method. They are electronically updated and manage the work done. The billing with the help of the software is real-time which used to take hours per day. It is challenging because the receipt was not timely and bad handwriting was also a factor.

Using software comes with expectation; let us see some of its utility

Implementation ease and helpful support

Oilfield software and Field Ticket Software is very easy to implement and comes with 24 hours support. You can directly report any issues and it is addressed right away.

Real-Time servicing

The use of software ascertains that the clients receive the best service possible. The owners can now keep the drivers busy in the road and the truck loaded in both the ways. They can plan the day operations well beforehand and efficiently manage it because it is real time.

Great ROI

After an easy implementation, you can observe that everything about the business tends to improve. Be it billing, managing, elimination duplicate data, and dispatch process improvement, it is easy to see the benefits. Thus the return of investment of software is great.

Aside from all the utilities of using the software, are you looking to send the updated orders and field ticket to your drivers while you are on the road? What about the printing, mapping, attachments and signature capture? Well, the good news is that all the above can be done using the mobile application of Oilfield software and Field Ticket Software.

Rather than the traditional telephonic calling, the tickets are sent via the mobile app. The drivers fill the data online and send it back.

The mobile app is an easy medium to track and pass electronic messages back and forth between the drivers. It is available for all smart devices.

Some other advantages of Oilfield Software to look upon:

Easy Reports Generating

In the trucking business, there are numbers of reports generated every day. It becomes very tedious to manually generate these reports. In such an instant, Oilfield Software is the best choice that gives you instant reports. The invoices generated is segmented and sorted by the type of work and also by location. The truck owners find it easy to create reports and can compile in an easy-to-reference format.


Every transportation business is different and so are their requirements. Field Ticket Software is highly customizable to fulfill your specific business need. You can edit, delete, or add any custom field as per the need. The tickets screen is streamlined to enhance the speed of the data entry.

Keep maintenance records

Whenever there is a maintenance work done on your equipment or items, you can keep the records with the software. This will help you to track the expenses as well as replaced items. You just simply have to run the reports using the information that is stored in the Equipment Statements, Payable Invoices, and Work Orders.

We can see that there are numerous benefits of Oilfield Software for the transportation business. It is much better to consider various other factors like user-friendliness, reporting options, etc. before choosing the software. This will help you to avoid any future complications in using the oilfield software. Always go with the software that possesses useful attributes for your business. You can take the suggestions of the customers about the impact of the software on their daily business. So, you will have a better picture of its benefits and usefulness.

Nowadays, many transportation companies are going with Field Ticket Software to ease the daily business activities.